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Girls Night In

Girls Night In (15) Girls Night In, what a great excuse to get dressed up, have some drinks and some cute cupcakes and not have to go out afterwards! There were no sore feet, no standing in line, no public toilets and no taxi expenses. The money saved on not going out, were to be donated to breast and gynecological cancer victims, making us feel even better about our night. Sarah and I arrived at Melody’s house, somewhat fashionably late (I think?) and were met by cute girls and tasty nibbles. What happens on Girls Night though, stays on Girls Night..

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Port Stephens

Around the time of my 24th birthday, I traveled to Port Stephens with the Wilkinsons. Matt and I were both excited about getting away from the city for a while and spending time at the beach. The apartment we stayed in was really nice, with a swimming pool and jacuzzi, all the things you need really. The view was equally impressive. Needless to say, a perfect way to spend my birthday!

Australian Bar Awards 2012

I was lucky with the timing when I started working at Golden Monkey. The Australian Bar Awards were coming up and Golden Monkey was nominated for ‘Bar of the Year’. Joey, our bar manager was also nominated for ‘Bar Manager of the Year’ so we were all pretty excited about the upcoming excursion to Sydney! We arrived early in the morning, most of us had worked the night before. When you work in a bar, drinking to some extent usually follows, so none of us were looking very fresh that morning. Nio had hooked us up with a hotel in a prime location and to a very lucrative prize.

We saw some cool places (mainly bars and party venues), tasted a lot of new drinks, went into a house that was raining (yes, water was pouring from the ceiling) and some of us entered some competitions. We didn’t come home with any prizes, but in the very best team spirit, we all had a great trip to bond over.

Christmas in July

Matt was in charge of the cheese platter and as always he did an excellent job!

First time I heard about this phenomena was from Marie, my Norwegian friend who also lives in Melbourne. It all made sense to me as winter was upon us and I was naturally starting to look forward to Christmas. As the seasons are opposite in Australia and Europe, Christmas however wasn’t on our doorsteps, even though winter was. Christmas wouldn’t be the same in Australia, so Sarah and I decided to have a little Christmas in July celebration. We invited 11 friends (the magic number we decided we would be able to fit around the table and provide dinner for).

From the kitchen you could hear something breaking. Things were starting to fall apart in there. Sarah and I had never cooked for that many people. We had prepared everything as well as possible, but to serve everything hot was a challenge due to a small oven and a small microwave. We were starting to question our decisions of serving 2 potato dishes and 4 different meats. What were we thinking? The master chefs were stressed and the guests were hungry. After some time, the meal was successfully served and we could finally sit down and have a drink. Never again.

The table is all set up for a jolly good party


Once again, Matt and I were off on a romantic getaway; this time to Mansfield. Conveniently, Matt’s family had friends who had a holiday house there and whom we could borrow it from for a few days. We arrived just in time to catch the sun setting over the lake. It was a beautiful view and a great start to our little holiday. We went for short walks in the area, observing kangaroos, birds, rabbits and other wildlife. We did the whole cheese and wine thing (something we quite often do), but the romance of it was intensified by the beautiful landscape surrounding us. One day Johno, Tom and Nick came out for a skiing excursion to Mt. Buller. I had not skied for over a year and was very excited by it, even though everyone had kept telling me; «It’ll be nothing like where you’re from». I was expecting the worst, but it was pretty good to be honest! The main difference was actually in the vegetation. These Australian trees, covered in snow, created a surreal and almost fairy-tale like landscape, very different from the boreal forest one usually associates with snow. The boys impressed with their skiing and snowboarding skills (who would have known) and in the afternoon we were off, back to Mansfield for some JD and Coke; standard.